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Reasons to Invest

PROVEN launched a global, democratized public offering for unaccredited investors - now anyone can become a shareholder in PROVEN.

Award-Winning Data

The power behind PROVEN is our award-winning Skin Genome Project™ database, which uses the wisdom of 4,000 scientific papers and 25 million consumer reviews to understand what works for customers.


From $0 to $37M revenue run rate within 3 years of launch. Healthy unit economics and ability to acquire users efficiently; every customer acquired pays for themself in the first months.

Product Roadmap

Personalized skincare is just the beginning. Supplements, hair care, body care, cosmetics, and baby care products are all part of PROVEN’s plan to expand into multiple wellness categories.

Why Are 55% of Consumers Dissatisfied with Their Skincare?

Skin is your body’s largest organ; why don’t we treat it like such? When you have issues with a significant organ in your body, a doctor doesn’t prescribe you the most popular treatment, and your specific needs determine your treatment plan. While medicine advances rapidly and moves towards personalization, skincare is still stuck in the antiquated one-size-fits-all method.

Products are designed to serve everyone, yet individuals have differentiated needs that change throughout the year and evolve throughout their lives. No one should have to experiment on their skin.

Traditional skincare companies produce a handful of SKUs to address the lowest common denominator. At PROVEN, we offer 4,500 product permutations for every individual need.

PROVEN Solution

Our data-driven approach drives results not only in terms of customer satisfaction (more than 14,000 FIVE star reviews!) but also in independent, third-party clinical testing. Clinical studies² have shown PROVEN skincare to be effective for anti-aging, hyperpigmentation concerns, and increasing softness, glow, and radiance of skin.


bright, radiant complexion


effective against effects of age


preferred PROVEN to their previous products


complexion is more radiant

PROVEN Traction

PROVEN has experienced outstanding growth, reaching a $37M revenue run rate within 3 years of launch.

Outstanding Growth


Customers since launch


of Customers Are Subscribers


Average Order Value

Reached $37M in Revenue Run Rate

in fewer than 3 years post launch

We have healthy unit economics and can aqcuire users efficiently

Every customer we acquire pays for themselves in around the first month

Invest in award-winning skincare technology with over 130,000 loyal and raving customers.

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Healthy unit economics and efficient acquisition costs show an excitement and a need for the customized wellness that PROVEN provides.

Invest in PROVEN
The Tesla of skincare, where beauty meets technology.

We have healthy unit economics and can aqcuire users efficiently

Every customer we acquire pays for themselves in around the first month

From Plurality to Individuality

The skincare market is a $155B industry³.

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We're Entering the Era of Mass Personalization



Everyone got bloodlet
Everyone wore same thing
Washing your face with water

Mass-market abundance

Everyone got antibiotics for everything
Paradox of choice
One-size-fits all skincare

Mass personalization

Personalized Medicine

Data From The Start

We are a data-driven organization inside and out. From the awards for our team and company to our process and science, data and technology are at the heart of everything we do.

We are a data-driven organization inside and out
CTO Amy Yuan
Computational Physics Stanford

Awards Proven Has Won

  • MIT's AI Technology of the Year Award
  • Y-Combinator18, Nvidia Deep Learning and AI Program, Stanford StartX
  • Nvidia Deep Learning and AI Program
  • Stanford StartX

Tech Intellectual Property

5 patents pending across tech & data stack

We Are Data Driven & Continuously Receive New Data Points 

Everything useful on the web—from research papers to consumer product reviews to Instagram comments—feed our algorithm.

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Expansion Roadmap
Data + Personalization Beyond Skincare

Proven is more than just skincare. We are a fully scalable, customizable wellness brand. Our path doesn't stop here; we are expanding across multiple categories and bringing personalized wellness into the 21st century.

Our Same Approach Can be Used Today

Winning Brand Proposition

We are the only customized brand that is laser-focused on the luxury category (and happens to be run by women of color).

Learning Curve

We have a 2+ year head start on big data, consumer awareness, acquisition & retention strategy, & manufacturing capability.


We have developed state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, which allows us to meet the needs of high-level customization at significant scale.

In New Categories Tomorrow

Truly Personalized Care:

Baby Care
Hair Care
Body Care
Color Cosmetics

Product + Category Expansion Roadmap:

Expanding across multiple wellness categories


Skin Care Products / Research

Q4 2019

Skin Care Products / Launch


Skin Care Products / Research
Face Mask


Skin Care Products / Launch
Eye Cream


Supplements / Research

2021 Onward

Hair Care, Body Care, Color Cosmetics, Baby care

H1 2022

Skin Care Products / Use Scale
Prescription Telemedicine
Skin Care Products / International
Travel Kit


Skin Care Products / Launch

2022 Onwards


Skin Genome Project™:

The Most Comprehensive Skincare Database Ever Created

Evolved from a personal mission to find the world's most personalized skincare, Dr. Amy Yuan’s research showed personalization could solve the biggest problem in the industry. The Skin Genome Project™ helps us tailor-make every proven formula for every skin.

25 Million consumer testimonials
100,000 products
20,000 ingredients
4,000 peer-reviewed scientific papers

Using your answers to our Skin Genome Quiz, our database instantly sifts through this incredible amount of information to select the best ingredients for your skin.

The Experts That Are Disrupting a $155B Industry

PROVEN skincare is formulated by Stanford dermatologists and skin scientists using cutting-edge, scientific, and clean ingredients. Cofounders, Ming and Amy, combined their business and data science backgrounds to disrupt the $155B skincare industry.

“We expect doctors to attend to our unique health needs, yet the care of our skin remains a traditional, one-size-fits-all customer experience.”

“I was tired of not finding what works.”

Ming Zhao

"As a data scientist and physicist, I could no longer stand the lack of data, cutting-edge technology and evidence in the care of our body's largest organ - our skin. So I had to start a whole new kind of skin health company."

Amy Yuan

Industry Leading Team

Dr. Amy Yuan

Cofounder & CTO
Computational Physicist, Stanford
Lead Data Scientist, Lyra Health
Lead Data Scientist, MacKesson
Broke World Record for largest computational simulation

Ming Zhao

Cofounder & COP
MBA, Harvard
Partnerships, Nerdwallet
PE Investor, Bain Capital
Strategy Consultant, BCG

Luke Weston

MBA, Harvard

Dr. Tyler Hollmig, MD

Dermatology Advisor
Head of Dermatology Surgery,
UT Austin
Former Head of Dermatology,
Stanford University

Dr. Nick Conley

Formulations Advisor
Chemistry PhD.
Stanford Award Winning
Formulation Advisor

Eric Wong

Head of Engineering

Eric Guan

Engineering Lead

Georgia Healey, MBA

Brand Marketing

Eva Miao, MBA


Michelle Agudelo


Dr. Jerry He

Data Scientist

Investor Perks

Level 1
  • Inclusion in PROVEN’s Product Development & Free Product Beta Round Table
  • 20% off subscription of PROVEN personalized skincare products
Level 2
  • Level 1 perks
  • Inclusion in quarterly major investor updates from the CEO
  • A signed copy of the new PROVEN book, releasing in the first half of 2022
Level 3
  • Level 2 perks
  • Observe 1 board meeting in person or via zoom
Level 4
  • Level 3 perks
  • Invitations for yourself and a guest to PROVEN Major Investor Soiree alongside PROVEN’s top-tier institutional investors
Investors of $50,000 or more will receive Level 3 perks plus be able to Observe 1 year of board meeting in person or via zoom.
Investors of $100,000 or more will receive BRONZE perks, plus Magic Wand Internship Placement (place one intern at PROVEN in the next 5 years).
Investors of $250,000 or more will receive SILVER perks, your name will be memorialized in PROVEN’s book prologue and credits, priority reservations for life and invitations to exclusive launch events (such as book launch parties, product launch parties, openings, etc).
Investors of $500,000 or more will receive DIAMOND perks. You and a guest will spend the day in the town of Bologna, Italy, at the Cosmoprof beauty and cosmetics conference, where PROVEN will be presenting at the Garden of Innovation. Celebrate with the executive team after our presentation enjoying local “bistros”, outdoor events, drinking and eating local food and celebrating with Ming and Amy. Flights and hotels are included and will be booked by the PROVEN team.
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Invest in award-winning skincare technology with over 130,000 loyal and raving customers.

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