The Skincare Industry is Worth $155B yet 55% of Consumers are Dissatisfied

Skincare is trapped in the past. Although every individual is unique, products are still one-size-fits-all.

PROVEN Personalizes Skincare With Award-Winning AI

By using patented technology and science to deliver customized products.

Industry Leading Growth Rates

We've become one of the fastest-growing consumer brands with $37M revenue run rate within the first 3 years of launch.

Industry Leading Metrics

$37M Revenue Run Rate

Within 3 years of launch


Average Order Value


Customers since launch


of Customers Are Subscribers

Patented & Award-Winning Technology

Our award-winning and patented technology can be used across multiple industry verticals.

MIT’s AI Tech of the Year Award
Deep Tech Inception Award Winner

Record-High Customer Retention

80% of PROVEN's customers are repeat buyers, that's more than 20x the industry average.

Repeat orders have grown significantly

Consumer Expansion

150,000 paying customers & still huge growth opportunity

Invest Alongside Top Investors and Accelerators

Invest in this fast-growing, innovative company with over 130,000 happy, loyal customers.

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Product Expansion

Our ever-expanding product portfolio incorporates growth into additional wellness verticals.

International Growth

We’ve established a loyal customer base in the US with recent successful expansion to Canada.

New Channels

We have plans to scale our reach via display gondolas in spas, retail stores, and more.

Tracking towards $50M run rate

in just  3 years post launch

We’re Just Getting Started

PROVEN is on track to potentially double revenue to reach $50M run rate by the end of this year.

The Tesla of skincare, where beauty meets technology.

We have healthy unit economics and can aqcuire users efficiently

Every customer we acquire pays for themselves in around the first month

Skin Genome Project™: The Largest Beauty Database In The World

A revolutionary machine-learning database that generates personalized skincare formulations for every customer’s unique biochemistry, lifestyle, and environment.

25 Million

Consumer testimonials






Scientific Papers

In 3 minutes, our proprietary skin genome quiz identifies 47 customer skin factors.

Database matches skin, lifestyle, environment, and concerns to determine ingredients.

Technology evolves formulas with live data sets to become smarter over time.

We are a data-driven organization inside and out
CTO Amy Yuan
Computational Physics Stanford
7 patents pending across tech & data stack
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Industry Leading Team

PROVEN skincare is formulated by Stanford dermatologists and skin scientists using cutting-edge, scientific, and clean ingredients.

Dr. Amy Yuan

Cofounder & CTO
Computational Physicist, Stanford
Lead Data Scientist, Lyra Health
Lead Data Scientist, MacKesson
Broke World Record for largest computational simulation

Ming Zhao

Cofounder & COP
MBA, Harvard
Partnerships, Nerdwallet
PE Investor, Bain Capital
Strategy Consultant, BCG

Luke Weston

MBA, Harvard

Dr. Tyler Hollmig, MD

Dermatology Advisor
Head of Dermatology Surgery,
UT Austin
Former Head of Dermatology,
Stanford University

Dr. Nick Conley

Formulations Advisor
Chemistry PhD.
Stanford Award Winning
Formulation Advisor

Eric Wong

Head of Engineering

Eric Guan

Engineering Lead

Georgia Healey, MBA

Brand Marketing

Eva Miao, MBA


Michelle Agudelo


Dr. Jerry He

Data Scientist

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Invest in award-winning skincare technology with over 130,000 loyal and raving customers.

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